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Course 1: Biblical Foundations

Join us for these engaging one-hour sessions on YouTube, where Drew and Jon, lifelong friends and passionate Bible enthusiasts, combine their love for discussion with solid teaching. Whether you are a seasoned believer seeking deeper understanding or a newcomer daunted by the prospect of studying the Bible, this conversational class offers a welcoming space to explore, learn, and grow in your journey of faith. In this dynamic series, we delve into five key aspects:

  1. Why the Bible is Trustworthy: Explore the historical reliability, uniqueness, and internal coherence that underpin the trustworthiness of Scripture.

  2. Verses Every Believer Should Memorize: Discover foundational verses that serve as anchors for our faith and provide strength and guidance in our daily walk with God.

  3. How to Spend Time with God Through the Bible: Learn practical methods and spiritual disciplines for cultivating a rich and meaningful relationship with God through church, groups, and individually.

  4. Navigating Toxic Texts: Address challenging passages and apparent contradictions in Scripture with honesty, humility, and sound principles of interpretation.

  5. How to Interpret the Bible: Equip yourself with essential hermeneutical tools and principles to accurately understand and apply the timeless truths of Scripture to your life.

For all 5 classes:  Genesis Discipleship - YouTube

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01. Is the bible really trustworthy?

02. Verses every new believer should memorize.

 03. How to spend time with God!

 04. Toxic Texts

 05.  How to Interpret the Bible

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